Deborah Pym

Nutritional Naturopath, Certified GAPS™ Practitioner, and Dyslexia specialist

Deborah is a Clinical Nutritionist, holds a Masters degree in Reproductive Medicine and is a Certified GAPS ™Practitioner. She joined the Ultra Health Centre in 2012, and focuses her work on fertility, pregnancy, babies, children and women’s health. Balancing hormones to facilitate an easy conception and successful pregnancy and assisting the transition through menopause forms the foundation of her work.

The GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) healing principles forms the basis of therapy. Testing of nutrient status, gut health, hormones, toxins and heavy metals using energetic testing allows for accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans using nutritional supplements and dietary therapies.

Deborah is the founder of the Mamatoto  Natural  Fertility  Protocol, a natural fertility approach  from preconception care through pregnancy to post pregnancy. She has successfully assisted women  through balancing hormones and optimising  diet and lifestyle, allowing them to conceive naturally while supporting the health of their baby.

The protocol is also recommended for those couples planning to undergo IVF/ART as it will assist in the likelihood of a successful pregnancy outcome.